Hedd Piper BSc DC MRCC

Book Hedd to speak about ‘Why Things Hurt: An Introduction to Therapeutic Neuroscience Education’

Exciting advances have been made in the field of understanding pain.  

This fun, informative and interactive seminar outlines some of these key concepts and will help therapists and clinicians of any discipline to better understand what is happening in someone’s body when they develop pain and how this can enhance their patient outcomes.

This 4 hour seminar (with coffee break) will cover:

  • Why the biomedical approach to pain is unhelpful
  • Basic neurobiology regarding pain mechanisms in the body (which are then explored further in a future seminar)
  • Understanding how persistent pain develops
  • An introduction to the words and language that can help people with pain
  • An outline of what not to say to someone in pain!
  • Steps you can take to update your current knowledge about the science of pain

The seminar takes the format of a PowerPoint presentation with sections that involve some participation by attendees and plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

This seminar is designed to be the first of three seminars run by Hedd Piper – attendance to parts 2 & 3 is only open to those who have attended this part.

What others have said about this seminar:

“Highly informative and a real eye opener”

“Has been really helpful in understanding what is happening to my clients when they are in pain”

“Hedd is very knowledgeable about the subject and made it easy for me to understand some difficult subject material”