Pain Recovery Coaching

Pain Recovery Coaching is suitable for anyone who has found themselves stuck in the trap of ongoing, persistent pain – especially if you feel as though you have tried everything out there.

If you feel that your pain dominates your thoughts and dictates your life then Pain Recovery Coaching can help.  When pain becomes persistent it is now known that this is probably more to do with a nervous system that won’t settle down, rather than the tissues of your body (joints, muscles, tendons and so on).

A nervous system that won’t settle down is likely to interfere with other aspects of your life such as:

  • Sleep patterns and sleep quality
  • Lack of confidence in being able to exercise
  • Fear of performing normal daily activities such as housework, or lifting the kids
  • Negative thoughts about damage to your body
  • Unpleasant feelings that your body is distorted and that bones feel ‘out of place’
  • Feelings of hopelessness that you feel out of control of your pain and your body
  • Becoming socially isolated because of the effect of being in pain

There are of course other ways the pain affects you because pain is a highly individual experience.

There is hope…

By taking time to listen to your story and identifying the chapters in your life that may have contributed to an overactive nervous system, we can put a plan in place to try and calm things down.

By making sense of your own story and joining the dots, some great strides can be made to put you back in charge.

We will work together to identify the things that can be changed and create a plan of action so that we can measure the effect of these changes.

We will work on getting you thinking and moving differently using proven, evidence based techniques.

This is by no means a quick fix and is certainly not an offer of a miracle cure.  You will have to work towards your goals.  You will have to be open to change and be up for the challenge, because the rewards can be life changing.

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