If you have already become interested enough in Pain Recovery Coaching to have clicked to this page then you may already be ready to make your first appointment for us to start working together.

Your first appointment takes half an hour so that we can discuss the history of your issue and I can take some notes. At this appointment we can get an idea if going ahead with a full consultation is the right thing for you. This appointment is just £15.

If Pain Recovery Coaching seems right for you then the next appointment can be made. This lasts an hour and we can get a little more in depth about we need to be working on.  Wherever possible I will be giving you some feedback and advice during this visit, or most likely towards the end of this visit.  I would hope that either way, you leave your first session with some belief, optimism and some ideas about what needs to be done. 

Your follow up session is usually recommended within a few days and lasts 30-45 minutes.  During this visit you will be encouraged to ask questions about some of the recommendations that may have been made during the first visit.

Between your first and second session I will have put together a ‘curriculum’ of things we need to discuss, exercises I’d like you to do and some educational tools I think will help you. 

It may be that we then schedule weekly visits for a few weeks, with new parts of the ‘curriculum’ being introduced each visit.

Whenever you feel ready, we can reduce the sessions to every other week, then every month and so forth.  It would be great if you get to the end of your curriculum and graduate!  The door is open for booster sessions at times that would suit you or you may just need to have sessions to keep in touch every so often.  Each plan is individualised.

Your first visit is £75 and the following sessions are £45.

You may find watching this five minute clip gives you some idea about the type of aproach involved in Pain Recovery Coaching.