Chiropractic is a profession which focuses on treating back and neck pain using a combination of manual therapy, exercises and advice.

At Clinig Corff Ystwyth we believe a course of chiropractic treatment would be ideal for you if you have:
• Low back pain localised to one part (including symptoms referring into the leg)
• Neck pain localised to one part (including symptoms referring into the arm)
• Low back or neck pain that you haven’t had for too long (1 to 12 weeks)

Your first appointment at the clinic is a half hour screening consultation where your case can be discussed and you will be advised as to whether or not you should proceed to a full consultation. This visit is just £15.

At your full consultation you will be thoroughly assessed and examined to determine if chiropractic treatment should suit you and if not we can discuss what needs to be done to be referred appropriately.

If chiropractic treatment seems right for you, then a package of treatments will be recommended to you:
• An explanation of what is causing your pain
• A series of gentle chiropractic manipulations (‘adjustments’) done over a few sessions
• Some work on tender muscles around the area
• Recommendation to add a few sessions of massage if appropriate
• Exercises to do at home between visits to keep your improvement going
• Advice on getting back to normal activities ASAP
• Advice on future flare-ups
• Advice on when your course of care has come to an end.

Research and evidence supports the use of chiropractic treatment as part of a package of care(Reference here). Visits for treatment begin regularly to begin with (two weekly is standard) for up to three or four weeks. It is hoped that you see noticeable improvement in your symptoms in this time. Visits then reduce to once a week, then once a fortnight and down to maybe one or two follow-up visits to check on your progress.

The aim is to see you as little as possible, but as often as is needed to make sure you get what you need from your care.

If you need help deciding if Clinig Corff Ystwyth is right for you:
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