Book £15 Introductory Appointment

Get in touch with us and we can arrange with you a 30 minute introductory consultation, for just £15, so that you can get a better understanding of how you might be helped.

  • You will be listened to – What is your story?
  • You will be assessed as to whether Hedd can help you
  • A recommendation to another health care professional if it decided that is more appropriate
  • Some examination may take place in case you need to be referred for tests or scans
  • An idea of what to expect if you are suitable to proceed
  • An idea of how long it may take to see changes
  • An idea of how much you may need to budget for during care
  • An opportunity to ask questions
  • An opportunity to take information with you to help decide

An opportunity to make an appointment for a full consultation if you’d like